Anastasia Pavlou is an image maker. What feeds into her production is the debris of the every-day and the close-by, showing a world entangled with physical rubble and pictorial surplus. Through painting, drawing, photography, collage, and text, she constructs a visual vocabulary to explore ways of looking and seeing, creating an atlas for how these are made manifest in forms and pictures. The result is a sort of rift in time, a historical glitch where past, present, and future are scattered, deconstructed, and reconstructed.

Anastasia Pavlou is invested in unfolding multilayered narratives. “Image Making / Παραγωγή Εικόνων” is an artist book that hinges on the “where” of looking, becoming a locus for considering the environments that are created by our visual perception. SCANS is an online archive that accumulates various forms of remnant tracing, centering on the relationship between subjects and their nearby objects. Throughout, images produce a here-and-now which is co-formed, built, and demolished in real time by the imprints and impressions we choose, either consciously or unconsciously.