Marina Xenofontos (1988) was born in Limassol, Cyprus and works between Athens, Greece and Paris, France. She is a sculptor working through installation, painting, photography, and video, and was one of the founding members of the collective and artist-run project space Neoterismoi Toumazou. Her practice involves reforming found objects and material she then pairs with novel constructions — kinetic sculptures, light installations, digital avatars and their analogue representations. These elements are not necessarily connected on a formal level, but are entangled by their idiosyncratic ties in history and politics. Consisting of physical objects, but also of written words and fragmented narratives, her practice acts as a poetic declaration. Xenofontos often documents and exhibits what could be considered malfunctions from the manufacturing of products, history, and her own practice; affirming them as breeding ground for further invention. Viewing cultural and political symbols through an intimate gaze, Xenofontos’ work captures methods for recovering the fantastical, imaginary aspects of culture obscured through historical/ideological recording.