Marina Xenofontos is a sculptor working through painting, installation, video, and animation. Acutely aware of the rifts produced in a personal memory when confronted with the hegemonic, ideologically produced versions of history, her work narrates a struggle to recoup the imaginary, lost in the dissonance between them. Affected by the politics of intersubjectivity, the dichotomies of individuality and collectivity, proximity and distance, her practice morphs their contradictions into a preoccupation with the personal in contrast to the political. Excavating everyday relics – symbols of lost futures and minor histories – she collides them with the hypermodern; playing up and repeating the failures produced through their frictions. Hues and rainbows, deja-vu and avatars, sci-fi and fairy tales, all alike are brought into orbit—becoming points of contention for the mechanisms of production and understanding of subjectivity and history.