Marina Xenofontos’ practice is situated at the intersection of collective memory, history, and ideology. Focusing primarily on sculpture, she continuously experiments with technique, material, and form, regularly adapting traditional processes and techniques to novel contexts. Objects and techniques alike are often separated from their original purpose, reframed through constellated installations. Her work also observes how entities meet, and looks for failures and frictions in their relationships. Alongside these errors, Xenofontos often enlists intangible and fleeting notions–such as rainbows, chameleon-like hues, and light–as materials, revealing a close attention towards auxiliary and ephemeral properties.

Both within her practice and working structures, she is invested in collectivity and how it is shaped by local or universal paradigms. Together with Maria Toumazou and Orestis Lazouras, Xenofontos co-founded the project space and collective Neoterismoi Toumazou. Through events, editions, and multiples, they archived and commented on the former 1960s novelty shop’s historical and symbolic presence as a local brand of mercantile modernism, paying tribute to minor histories. Elsewhere, she often employs the archive to reframe the marginalization of personal narratives within civic spaces and constructs. An archeological approach to mining the  ruins and relics of yesterday is a consistent tenet of Xenofontos’ work.